Eurobeat commercials (CM)

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Eurobeat commercials (CM)

Post by Kat » May 4th, '18, 17:09

Eurobeat commercials (CM) that I've found
Wake up in the morning with my book
I'll go to my school I'll go very fast
'Cos I've a lot study and I wanna be ready tonite
When the disco is open

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Re: Eurobeat commercials (CM)

Post by Rain197 » May 4th, '18, 18:04

I've seen a Avex Rave CM somewhere but I can't remember if it was on a CD/DVD or YouTube.
I've a PV of Initial D Battle Stage, I don't know if I can post it

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Re: Eurobeat commercials (CM)

Post by Bonkers » May 4th, '18, 19:26

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