More infos for Eurobeat Disney Compilation

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More infos for Eurobeat Disney Compilation

Post by MaxXRage » Oct 26th, '05, 21:09

Hey everyone, well here is my request, I would like to see where the remixes for Eurobeat Disney are from, like You Can Fly!(3x) is from Peter Pan etc, would be nice to see where are they from... =D

Master of Time
Master of Time
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Post by Mikaeru » Oct 26th, '05, 22:41

Either from memory, or googling:

Disc 1:
1) Mickey Mouse Club (tv show)
2) "Mickey Mouse Disco" - late 70's album
3) Disneyland Attraction (no movie?)
4) The Little Mermaid
5) Winnie the Pooh
6) Beauty and the Beast
7) Mary Poppins
8) Snow White
9) Tarzan
10) Cinderella
11) The Lion King
12) Mary Poppins
13) Toy Story
14) Song of the South
15) The Lion King
16) Pinochio

Disc 2:
1) Alladin
2) Pocahontas
3) Tarzan
4) Hercules
5) The Little Mermaid
6) Mulan
7) Pocahontas (didn't appear in movie, but written for it)
8) The Lion King
9) Snow White
10) Hunchback of Notre Dame
11) Sleeping Beauty (based on a waltz whose name I forget)
12) Cinderella
13) Cinderella
14) ?
15) ?
16) ?
(The last three songs do NOT appear to be from Disney movies, or attractions. Instead, they seem to just be covers of Disney themed songs, 14 and 16 are both available on "Rock Around the Mouse", and Ducks Dance Too is also on another Donald Duck-themed dance cd)

Disc 3:
1) Peter Pan
2) The Lion King
3) Winnie the Pooh
4) Ricky Martin cover
5) Fantasia
6) Disneyland Attraction
7) Lady and the Tramp
8) J-pop cover
9) Disneyland/World Attraction
10) Emperor's New Groove
11) Hercules
12) Robin Hood
13) Cover song
14) The Jungle Book
15) Toy Story 2 (?)
16) Mulan
17) Emperor's New Groove

Mickey Mania - A former parade in WDW?

Eurobeat Fan
Eurobeat Fan
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Post by MaxXRage » Nov 21st, '05, 02:02

Hala hala!! haha!! Very cool!! Thanks a lot!! =D

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Post by Bore » Nov 21st, '05, 04:32

A good idea Maxx, I'll have to add those infos to the Extra info field. Never even thought about adding those there before.

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