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Re: Trance

Post by Crockett » Sep 28th, '18, 15:30

Bonkers wrote:
Sep 27th, '18, 23:37
There isn't any genre today that sounds exactly like it's 90s predecessor. I think everyone has certain "eras" of a particular genre they hold high above all other years, and will argue up and down that what's new isn't "like it use to be!"
But in case of Trance we aren't talking about 90's, because at that time it was very beginning for artists in this young genre. It's one of pretty newer electronic genres. We are speaking of early 2000's.

People don't have to agree with crazy mixing of 5 genres you can see in Discogs credits of every new single, album, because that's far from their taste, it simply destroys the basical features of the music when it was fresh and independent.

It sucks when you are reading Progressive House, Ambient, Electro, and somewhere at the end... Trance.

Comments of fans like "What happened to Armin Van Buuren or Tiesto ?", "Why they don't make Trance anymore ?" express only disappointment.

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