Any anime with eurobeat that isn't Initial D?

Music that is not eurobeat!
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Any anime with eurobeat that isn't Initial D?

Post by TrainEngie » Sep 16th, '15, 04:15

Well, for sure, Eurobeat is in Initial D, that's what makes Initial D "Initial D".

But... are there any other anime that use eurobeat from the SEB and alike?

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Post by KoolKool » Nov 17th, '15, 13:19's not anime! lol!

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Post by Mckenny87sj » Jul 7th, '16, 08:11

KoolKool's not anime! lol!
I thought it was the anime lol

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Post by eXtaticus » Jul 7th, '16, 15:55

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Post by BlindedVanguard573 » Jul 9th, '16, 00:48

I think there was a basketball anime - Dear Boys or something like that - that used SUPER EUROBEAT songs.
I post my eurobeat songs here!

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Post by SAMURANG » Oct 15th, '16, 15:55

There was the 2nd opening to one piece, but that's all I know of for anime. besides a few eurobeat remixes of openings like dragon soul and motteke sailor fuku (to which I have long lost the remix it's somewhere on YouTube)

Dragon soul:
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