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Eurodance in 2007....

Posted: May 26th, '07, 00:24
by DanWaigand
Hi there!

I was big into eurodance back in the 90's.. It eventually led me to Eurobeat. But.. eurodance just kinda died off... or did it? I thought I'd stick this topic up so that maybe some of you Europeans could keep the rest of us up to date on what's going on! ...I guess this is the next best idea to creating a eurodancePRIME. hahahaha...

BASIC ELEMENT must be one of the bigger topics since they have a new album named similarly to a certain episode of Star Wars.. The Empire Strikes Back is 13 tracks of an updated sound for the group. And If you've seen the videos, they're WAY out there... Seriously, I didn't know petrus had that kinda sense of humor...

also worth noting, E-type has released a newer single called True Believer. The sounds pretty similar to the more recent stuff he's done on his last few albums, but the vocals actually seem to have upped things a notch. And for a few words before the song picks up, he actually starts singing, even if he does kinda sound like Michael W Smith. Heheheh..

Also worth noting, S.E.X. Appeal came out with an album a while back, but I haven't heard it cause I'm still waiting for it in the mail. Anything else worth mentioning?

Posted: May 26th, '07, 05:46
by SuperEuroJimmy
Scooch (be it bubblegum), DJ Bobo and another artist who I forgot participated in the Eurovision Songfestival this year. ;D

Posted: May 29th, '07, 07:47
by GanGanGyaruO
:? so you kinda see how it went...

"DCX - Knowing me, knowing you" Full HD video!

Posted: Jun 11th, '07, 21:52
by JoleFIN

Let's not forget DCX (the former DC-10) with new video "DCX - Knowing me, knowing you", available in Full HD and 720p formats :wink:

Check here for HD versions

And not-so-HD-quality YouTube link

The single is coming out on 13th of June, follow and stay tuned! :)

Posted: Jun 12th, '07, 05:25
by Bore
Heh, didn't expect that post for some reason. Should cover some more Bl├╝mchen tracks Jole ;) loved the previous ones and the old DC-10 tracks were awesome as well.

Posted: Oct 11th, '07, 10:46
by Capitaine
A nice track was released by LaPalma

You can listen to it here

I wonder where to buy the single.
Do you know ?

Posted: Oct 11th, '07, 13:58
by SuperEuroJimmy
I know the trance remix belongs to Quake Records, but I've got no idea on the original version.

How about contacting them via their MySpace page? ;P

And if you get an anwser, please let me know too. ;3

(haha it's awesome how they list Michael Cretu [known from Enigma] as an influence! =D)

Posted: Oct 22nd, '07, 15:09
by aXu
I heard some rumours about 2 Unlimited and Masterboy's comeback.. but we'll see, there's always those rumours.

Anyhow new E-Type's new album called Eurotopia is being released next week (31/10/2007) here in Finland.

Tracklist look's like:

01. True Believer
02. The Tide
03. Eurofighter
04. Make Us High
05. Like A Child
06. Staying Alive
07. Lion
08. Ding Ding Song
09. Inside

and front cover:

Posted: Nov 7th, '16, 11:38
by Kat
EURODANCE IN 2006/2007
such as Cascada or for example Sylver - Lay All Your Love On Me