Favorite non-eurobeat artist/band

Music that is not eurobeat!
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Favorite non-eurobeat artist/band

Post by Bore » Aug 8th, '04, 11:31

This was something I was meaning to ask like months ago, but for some reason in the end forgot. Anyways, outside of eurobeat (& such genres) what would be your favorite artist?

I'd have to list a few names:

Ace Of Base
Savage Garden/Darren Hayes
Nylon Beat

I think that's about it, all of the other titles should be at least somewhat known to people but Nylon Beat might be an enigma, as it's a Finnish girl-duo that was really popular over here, but they already sacked things up and split.

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Mr. Domino
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Post by Nine » Aug 8th, '04, 11:43

Outside of Eurobeat, I just really listen to Hitomi Yaida. XD I do listen to the Spice Girls on occasion, but I wouldn't say they're a favorite of mine. ^^;

Chico Chico
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Post by Chico Chico » Aug 8th, '04, 13:34

hmmmm... outside of eurobeat I'd have to say....

Christina Aguilera
Cat Stevens
Mindless Self Indulgence

I have many favs I guess ^^;

Chan Ho Nam
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Post by Chan Ho Nam » Sep 12th, '04, 07:30

Outside of Eurobeat....I listen to Jpop mostly though I don't have a specific favourite artist anymore. I suppose Namie Amuro is the one I listen to more than the others.

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Post by riikou » Sep 12th, '04, 18:15

Hmmm... for me it would have to be:

The Vengaboys
Ian Van Dahl
Love Inc.
Hampton & The Hampsters
Blink 182
Daft Punk

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Post by Bacchi » Sep 13th, '04, 02:29

I enjoy Aqua, Kosaka Riyu/BeForU, Hayashibara Megumi, Excel Girls, Jenny Rom/The Zippers, SMiLE.dk, Yonekura Chihiro, Judy Crystal, Okui Masami, Ishida Yoko, The Pillows, and Wada Kouji... eh, I may be missing or forgetting a few, but this is just a small list for now. *^ ^;*

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Post by Khaki_29uk » Oct 16th, '04, 14:16

Me likes the usual crop of k-pop/j-pop... but at the mo my favourite band is probably Franz Ferdinand... into Basement Jaxx, No Doubt... too many to mention ^^; and Hindi/Punjabi beats.
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Post by hollypolly » Nov 21st, '04, 11:21

I like an italian singer named Elisa. She sings in italian but also in english. Her last song is in english...
She plays rock and she has a great voice!! COOL!!!

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Post by Takarou » Jan 15th, '05, 06:06

Besides Eurobeat, I do the J-pop thing (W-inds, Porno Graffiti, Sakamoto Maaya, Garnet Crow, Kuraki Mai), and I listen to a small amount of French pop (Jenifer, Helene Segara), and I listen to music by Alih Jey.

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The Sidekick
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Post by aXu » Jan 27th, '05, 22:48

hmmm.. let's see...
All kinds of dancemusic (eurodance, trance [all sorts], dancemania,pop etc.).
Master Blaster is one of my favorites.
JPop is very close to my heart too, Minami Kuribayashi, Move, Dream, I'Ve grew, T.M. Revolution, Musume (all hello project groups), Hamasaki and so on.. i'll just stop here :D
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Post by Guest » Jan 28th, '05, 05:22

Jenny Rom
System Of A Down
Ferry Corston
Scott Brown
Captain Jack (although his new album is shit)
Lindsay Lohan

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Post by KitsuneStar » Jan 29th, '05, 05:47

Mostly a lot of Trance and UK Hardhouse here, with the usual assortment of 90s rock (Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, Soundgarden) thrown in for good measure.

Though I was raised on progressive rock (King Crimson, Yes, Rush) and Frank Zappa, so I'm all over the place :)

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Post by gs68 » Aug 19th, '05, 08:42

Yuzo Koshiro. He composed the soundtrack for Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune, and did a really good job on it. Namco's provided free MP3's of the soundtrack here: http://www.namco.co.jp/aa/am/vg/wanganm ... pecial.php

(I'd still buy the WMMT2 OST though, it's got songs from MT2 and different-sounding versions of the MT1 songs.)

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Post by BeLLe MoON » Oct 12th, '05, 10:48

My fovourite groups are

Basic element
Culture beat
Mr President
2 brothers on the 4th floor

and so on.....

Eurodance in the 90's :P

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Post by the_ditz » Jan 6th, '06, 12:46

BeLLe MoON wrote:Eurogroove
Wow, haven't heard them mentioned in ages!!

My favourites are:
- Kelly Clarkson
- Cascada
- Da Buzz
- Morning Musume
- Minimoni
- Melon Kinenbi
- Sean & Kim (Dance Nation)
- anything with a good Eurodance beat!! :lol:

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