Very First Anime

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Post by sonique » Sep 29th, '10, 08:57


My first anime was Heidi girl of the Alps! :)


Wish i'd be there right now! :cry:

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Post by dj1ofakind2k10 » Nov 9th, '10, 06:45

My very first anime would have to be Dragon Ball (the extremely edited one that funimation made way back in the day)! I remember that they would show the same 13 episodes on our local FOX network @ 6:00am. Eventually, when Toonami came around, I started watching Dragon Ball Z and since the the whole DB franchise has become my favorite anime. The second one after that was "Street Fighter II V", which I must say did a WAY better job than the "Street Fighter" show on USA network.

Afterwards came Initial D, Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho, Cowboy Bepop, and so on :D .

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Post by PeteMoss » Dec 4th, '12, 07:48

Sailor moon I guess.



Post by WestCoast » Dec 5th, '12, 08:01

I think my first was the sailor moon.

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Post by Mckenny87sj » Jul 8th, '16, 07:24

Naruto for sure
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Post by eXtaticus » Jul 8th, '16, 13:06

Neon Genesis Evangelion, if we aren't counting kids' shows that were just "on at the time so we watched them".

If we are, then the first season of Pokémon. Neon Genesis was my first "proper" anime, though.

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Post by SAMURANG » Oct 17th, '16, 15:47

Well my first anime was Pokémon watched it when I was 6. but when I got back into anime my first was the funimation dub of one piece. after watching the east blue I switched to the subbed version and I've been watching anime ever since.
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Post by xiao » Feb 23rd, '17, 17:02

My very 1st anime eh ~

★ Saint Seiya Image ~ ♪

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Post by AL19 » Feb 23rd, '17, 17:17

My first anime was Kiki's Delivery Service. Ah, fun times~ :grin:

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Re: Very First Anime

Post by Kat » Mar 17th, '17, 21:31

Sailor Moon and Tokyo Mew Mew
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Re: Very First Anime

Post by JeffreySoftbark » Aug 29th, '17, 01:52

Dragon Ball Z and Pokémon (English Dubbed)

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