Very First Anime

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Post by sonique » Sep 29th, '10, 08:57


My first anime was Heidi girl of the Alps! :)


Wish i'd be there right now! :cry:

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Post by dj1ofakind2k10 » Nov 9th, '10, 06:45

My very first anime would have to be Dragon Ball (the extremely edited one that funimation made way back in the day)! I remember that they would show the same 13 episodes on our local FOX network @ 6:00am. Eventually, when Toonami came around, I started watching Dragon Ball Z and since the the whole DB franchise has become my favorite anime. The second one after that was "Street Fighter II V", which I must say did a WAY better job than the "Street Fighter" show on USA network.

Afterwards came Initial D, Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho, Cowboy Bepop, and so on :D .

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Post by PeteMoss » Dec 4th, '12, 07:48

Sailor moon I guess.



Post by WestCoast » Dec 5th, '12, 08:01

I think my first was the sailor moon.

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Post by Mckenny87sj » Jul 8th, '16, 07:24

Naruto for sure
the best i have ever watched

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Post by eXtaticus » Jul 8th, '16, 13:06

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Post by SAMURANG » Oct 17th, '16, 15:47

Well my first anime was Pokémon watched it when I was 6. but when I got back into anime my first was the funimation dub of one piece. after watching the east blue I switched to the subbed version and I've been watching anime ever since.
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Post by xiao » Feb 23rd, '17, 17:02

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Post by AL19 » Feb 23rd, '17, 17:17

My first anime was Kiki's Delivery Service. Ah, fun times~ :grin:

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Re: Very First Anime

Post by Kat » Mar 17th, '17, 21:31

Sailor Moon and Tokyo Mew Mew
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Re: Very First Anime

Post by JeffreySoftbark » Aug 29th, '17, 01:52

Dragon Ball Z and Pokémon (English Dubbed)

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