Refilms of Newer and Older tracks

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Refilms of Newer and Older tracks

Post by Densetsu13 » May 4th, '08, 19:23

The last batch of vids I did a few days ago are ready for public viewing. I hope you enjoy and learn these dances if you haven't already ^-^.

Please leave constructive criticism if you have something you would like to say because I am always looking to improve or even just comment if you looked at them and enjoyed. As usual, special thanks to Dom for the speedy editing and Jason for having an account for us to upload all the large un-edited stuff :)

...I also need to look into getting another camera, sorry for the grainy quality.

Freedom Wild / Nick Mansell (Twinstar): ... _Wild.html
Red Core / Dave Rodgers feat. Stef Burns (Joy): ... _Core.html
Shanghai / The Factory Team (9LoveJ): ... nghai.html
Super Rider / Mark Astley (SEF): ... Rider.html
With My Fire / Sarah (Starfire): ... _Fire.html
Yes I Will / Cherry (Starfire): ... _Will.html

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