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Disco NRG 2007 Project

Posted: Jan 18th, '08, 07:15
by Densetsu13
Here is something I should have done a long time ago on these boards. Disco NRG is a North American Parasa. Please refer to our LJ community profile for a comprehensive description :P

The following enclosed part is originally from a post from D~tan

New dances now up @ 4th Set! (May 3rd)


We've been secretly planning this project out for awhile!! OH NOEZ.
Since we haven't really filmed as much as we should, all of the members decided to take all of the songs from 2007 and split them up between members and film them.

I'm here to present the first set, danced by J's and Cigy!

Loverboy / Annalise (SEF): ... erboy.html
Goodnight Kiss / Lolita (SEF): ... _Kiss.html
Loveline / F.C.F. (SEF): ... eline.html
Time For A Miracle / Paul Dickenson (Star Fire): ... racle.html
Go Beat Gun / Mike Snap (Star Fire): ... t_Gun.html
Second Love (Red Rave Remix) / akemi (Star Fire): ... _Love.html

2nd set of dances danced by Alex (Densetsu13)!!!

Sayonara / Lisa Key (Star Fire): ... onara.html
Iron Man / MC Thunder (Star Fire): ... n_Man.html
Overdrive / Fastway (SEF): ... drive.html
Dub-I-Dub (2007 Eurobeat Remix) (9LoveJ): ... I-Dub.html

3rd set of dances danced by D~tan and Mina!

Shock The Night / Saetta Kid (Star Fire): ... Night.html
Down In Tokyo / Jimmy Ray (Star Fire): ... o__2_.html
Crazy Race On The Street / Garcon (9LoveJ): ... treet.html
Touch Me / Sheila & Cindy Cooper (Twinstar) ← EXTRA OMAKE TRACK!!: ... ch_Me.html

Frontal Impact / Daniel (SEF): ... mpact.html
愛をとりもどせ!!(Ai wo Torimodose!!) / Pinpo feat. Ryo (Star Fire): ... odose.html

4th Set from Maggie (Bink)!

Electric Love / Lisa Versach (Star Fire): ... _Love.html
I Want You / Powerful T. (SEF): ... t_You.html

Please enjoy, and check back here in the future for videos from the rest of the members from Disco NRG!


Please visit our LiveJournal @ where we are trying to update as often as possible and hopefully spread the latest para para news! We're bad with updating but we're trying to get better! ^-^v

Also please visit J's Stage for older dances and all Disco NRG furi, most recently @ MANIAC Fiesta 2!

TWO★HEARTS will also be having some exciting projects for 2008, so please keep an eye out for them @

The girls in American Dream also have updates that may be appearing soon and can be checked out @

I will continue to post more vids as they are uploaded ^_~

Posted: Jan 18th, '08, 17:49
by Cosmic_Bard
I hope the routines are nice because I have to say, I'm not loving this song list. :(

How much time did this take you guys?

Posted: Jan 18th, '08, 21:03
by Densetsu13
Oh there's more than enough tracks coming, considering these aren't even half of them yet! :wink:

This project is basically us doing re-films for all dances 2007 that have yet to or won't appear on a commercial release. More updates will come as the rest of us complete filming the assigned songs. So how much time, it depends on everyone's individual schedules and when they get the chance to do so.

Posted: Mar 14th, '08, 00:04
by Will154
Tell me when this project is finalised ! Im quite interesting in seeing the final results ! :D

also i like those routines ! especially SEF ones !

Disco NRG rocks ! :P

Posted: Mar 14th, '08, 02:33
by Densetsu13
Thanks Will! =)

Right now we're currently waiting for all the members to finish filming their dances. There are various reasons as to why they're not done yet, ranging from not having a proper camera to school/work getting in the way but we still hope to get all of the dances out ASAP!

Posted: Mar 14th, '08, 14:35
by Cosmic_Bard
Maybe you should find some guys who actually own the proper equipment to do this. :P

Who volunteers for a task they can't complete?

Posted: Mar 14th, '08, 23:02
by Densetsu13
The member in question with the camera problems has a camera but it broke and has to get another or something of the sort.

No one volunteered for a task they can't complete. However I do agree that they're taking a while to do it.

Posted: Mar 15th, '08, 01:03
by Cosmic_Bard
Every project of this kind that I've seen has gone down in flames. I hope this one turns out.

Do you remember the solo project? >_<

Posted: Mar 15th, '08, 03:24
by cigy41987
Well, calling it a project doesn't mean it's of the same kind as Solo. This is just the usual refilming we've always done :P

Maggie just moved and is now working full time, Fausia is working as an RA not to mention taking tons of Business and Japanese classes, and Erin is crazy busy with computer science and math.

Most everything HAS been filmed however, there have just been computer issues and camera issues as Alex mentioned.

As far as the songlist goes, it's not up to us it's up to the clubs in Tokyo who choreograph :P

Posted: Mar 15th, '08, 21:36
by d-tan
Not completed, but now it's getting closer:

Posted: Mar 17th, '08, 22:18
by Densetsu13
Updated the post at the top for easy access! Please enjoy Dom and Mina's dances :)

Posted: Mar 18th, '08, 16:46
by Cosmic_Bard
All those 4shared links are down.

Posted: Mar 18th, '08, 22:03
by Densetsu13
WTF. -.-

I just fixed them all last night because for some odd reason they were truncated. I tested them and they worked. Now they're not working again?! I'll look into it later when I'm not at work and have time.

In the meantime please use the direct link to the Disco NRG LJ.

EDIT: Apparently they're down everywhere. Something must be up with the account/site. Maybe Dom might know since it is technically her account...

Posted: Mar 19th, '08, 03:12
by d-tan
They are all up and working fine for me (I tested on 3 computers already).

What has been happening it seems with people is that some areas are down while some are, but it also might attribute to if you are trying to watch too many or download too many of the files at the same time.

I would suggest people resisting the urge to open all of the videos at the same time, and only watch one at a time :P

Posted: Mar 19th, '08, 04:53
by Nine
Awww watching these videos make me want to make parapara videos again XD
good job~ btw dom you always make me remember awesome songs i use to love. I didnt realize touch me was on one of those led albums so after I watched the video i grabbed it from itunes