J-Euro Kick & Fills [Sound Design]

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J-Euro Kick & Fills [Sound Design]

Post by sandycorzeta » Jul 4th, '16, 18:56

Hi, Everyone. I'm Sandy. I'm new into this forum. I actually started to make a Eurobeat music lately as my part of learning each genre production in EDM.
But i'm stuck at here that most of Eurobeat songs that i listened are have soft kick sound with a combination of like Punch kick in hardstyle. Since i really like that kind of kick sound especially like in DJ Command songs, i would like to know how its processed to make that kind of kick as the result.

And also, some of J-Euro that i've listened (some of from touhou arrangement) has some fills that quite same like in Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up songs.... especially the Toms. I also want to know those retro/oldies sound sample pack if there is one exist.

so, If someone would likely to share the techniques or know about the sample pack that i mention. please be kindly enough to guide me. Thank you.

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Post by Anthony McBazooka » Jul 4th, '16, 19:36

Hi Sandy!
I'm glad to see other musicians giving Eurobeat a try. We really need to enlarge the scene!
I must admit that I don't remember the typical DJ Command sound but I will refresh my memory in the next days and tell you more.
For the tom sounds try LinnDrum or other 80s sample based drum machines. Some FM synths like the DX7 also offer very nice 80s style synth tom sounds.
For a good open source DX7 emulator you should try Dexed. I have posted a package of original sound banks in this thread: http://forum.eurobeat-prime.com/viewtopic.php?t=3315 You should also check out the library that KoolKool provides in the first post.[/url]

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Post by KoolKool » Jul 5th, '16, 06:18

you can try layering 2 kick together, messing with EQ and compressor

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