new EUROBEAT on BandCamp!!

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new EUROBEAT on BandCamp!!

Post by Sugano » Dec 20th, '15, 12:44

We uploaded the new EUROBEAT !
I want to listen and enjoy many times !

> Original EUROBEAT Vol.4 ... beat-vol-4

> TOHO EUROBEAT Arrange Vol.7 ... ange-vol-7

BPM range is 130 - 160
sound image is "That's EUROBEAT" "SUPER EUROBEAT"

のあ / Shironegi / 紅梔子(Beniko) / ARIEL / 刹那(Setsuna) / Hikiya Kuzyou / つぅ / ほたる / かなえゆめ / きゃと

Sugano / Obama / nmk / DJ Command / FN2 / b-UMB / LUNA / ゆうくん

橘花音(Tatibana kanon) / falcon / やそ / Shironegi / ARIEL / Hikiya Kuzyou / つぅ / きゃと / あおまふ

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Post by KiraTM » Dec 20th, '15, 19:53

I listened to the previews of Original Eurobeat 4 now.
First off, excuse me, but most songs are not my cup of tea. :?
However, there are two songs I really enjoyed. One of them is Breakin' Tonight but I already have got it on Eurobeat Forever, the other one is Running In The Rain. It has a beautiful intro and I love the mixture of Eurobeat and a calming/relaxing guitar riff. Also, the voice is quite pleasant. I may not buy the whole album but this song will be added to my library! :)

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Post by Anthony McBazooka » Jan 8th, '16, 16:05

Listened to Original EUROBEAT Vol.4


Really like the song. The vocals are a little bit dull but as I don't understand Japanese I don't mind.

ARIEL - Power Girl

The vocals make me want to skip the song, although the composition is not bad. But the effects on the voice are unbearable for me.

shironegi - Monochrome Stars

Reminds me of early 90s Eurobeat. It's not my favourite phase of Eurobeat but it's nice to hear that retro sound from time to time in modern productions.


I agree with KiraTM, this song is really enjoyable. The vocals are also much better in the mix than in the first song. I still don't understand Japanese, but I would understand the lyrics if I did.

きゃと - リミテーション

Another song which I totally like. I'd even say it's the best until now on this album!

紅梔子(beniko) - Real Hero

I totally love the intro. The rest of the song is also very great. Could listen to this kind of Eurobeat for hours.

かなえゆめ - 貴女の御旗に虎となりて

Eurobeat with flute? Yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss!!!!! Loved it already on Anniversary and I also love it in this song. Please make more like this!

紅梔子(beniko) - TOKYO ROSY GIRL

Wow … I didn't expect this album to be so great after the first three songs, but since track 4 you keep a constant incredibly high quality in terms of composition, arrangement, performance and overall sound.

ほたる - Running In The Rain

Beautiful song but I'm not that much into this autotune stuff, especially in the lower parts, sorry. ^_^" Nice guitar solo!

shironegi - Orange Candy Complex

Nice toms. But for me one retro song would have been enough on an album that is overall so full of energy. Putting it at the end is also a very good idea.

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Post by Galaxian Recordings » Jan 11th, '16, 00:03

I still have yet to listen to Touhou Arrange Volume 7 (although I've been following Touhou Eurobeat for a long while now), but I just got done listening to Original EUROBEAT Vol. 4 and it sounds great! I could see some inspiration from late 90s Delta in those tracks, amazing! :grin: Also love how you've added the earlier 89/90 eurobeat influence on Monochrome Stars and Orange Candy Complex.

A few of the vocals could've used a bit more production though. The vocals on the seventh track sound a little mid-rangey and loud but they're still awesome. Power Girl, one of my favorites from this album has amazing vocals although they sound raw in the mix.

Otherwise amazing tracks! Other favorites include Last Blazer, Tokyo Rosy Girl and Real Hero! :wink:
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