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Collaboration #001 [Dragonslayer Siegfried]

Posted: Dec 14th, '06, 08:22
by Toni
The first topic for a collaborational Eurobeat production on! Let's hear what your ideas are!

First, we have to make some ideas of our first project:
1) Members who are willing to join in;
2) Theme of our song;
3) Songwriter(s);
4) Producer(s);
5) Lyricist(s);
6) Singer(s);
7) Master mixer;
8) Check by members;
9) Final master;

Current status:
1) Toni, MesdoramElmdor, Sadie, djnrg, redtarzanboy;
2) to be discussed;
3) Toni, MesdoramElmdor, redtarzanboy;
4) Toni, MesdoramElmdor, Sadie, djnrg;
5) MesdoramElmdor, redtarzanboy, djnrg;
6) redtarzanboy, (Sadie);
7) (Toni);
8) all;
9) (Toni);

Post your suggestions here, or produce a sample which has layers that can be extracted and imported in other music producing software. e.g. .aiff, .wav, or if there is no other choice: .mp3.

Posted: Dec 14th, '06, 17:01
by MesdoramElmdor
I'd be willing to help produce, write songs, and write lyrics.

Posted: Dec 14th, '06, 19:53
by Toni
Thanks! The first post is updated.

Let's discuss what kind of song we're making. I'm a big fan of A-Beat-C and SCP, so I was thinking to produce something likewise. Not a copy of the A-Beat-C or SCP style, but with the same energy... If you understand what I mean... A mature style with powerful guitars, that move your feelings to an exctacy of force and feel-good.

Posted: Dec 14th, '06, 23:42
by Sadie
This sounds interesting Toni. ^^;
Might I assist in the lyrics of some of the songs? Also, maybe at a later time, some vocals possibly...?

Posted: Dec 15th, '06, 02:25
by drnrg
I'm pretty good at lyrics. I once won a contest thrown by Laurent Newfield :D For a song He has yet to produce. hint hint? :D

Posted: Dec 15th, '06, 09:49
by Toni
Whee! We have now 4 members applying for this project. That's great! Also, almost all places are occupied by members.

When I find the time to write/compose something, (maybe today) I'll post it as soon as I have it finished.

Posted: Dec 16th, '06, 05:40
by zoupzuop2
I'm open for composition and singing, although my schedule may prove hellish for both. I've actually got a rock band in the works this winter, but I might find the time to slip some vocal work into whatever gets tossed through the mix here.

Posted: Dec 16th, '06, 22:50
by Jion
I'm up for singing, songwriting, producing and whatev.

Posted: Dec 16th, '06, 23:20
by Mikaeru
redtarzanboi wrote:I'm up for singing, songwriting, producing and whatev.
Does that mean you'll record Once More Baby anytime soon? :P

Posted: Dec 17th, '06, 01:13
by MesdoramElmdor
I feel that rather than trying to reproduce another label's style of production we should just make our own style. If anyone has any synth hook MIDIs or anything send them my way. I'm ready to start working on stuff.

Posted: Dec 17th, '06, 09:23
by drnrg
I gotta a few lyrics stacked away that I can post ina few days too. :D

Posted: Dec 18th, '06, 23:11
by aXu
This looks promising. The forums have been "dead" lately, no hot discussions or arguing, nor juicy rumours.

I recently bought a midikeyboard and i'm learning notes etc. etc. so i'm not taking part of this.. yet. maybe in future.

But keep up the good work guys and i'm looking forward to seeing and hearing some results! :D

Posted: Dec 19th, '06, 01:48
by MesdoramElmdor

Here's a very short and repetive demo that I just threw together. All it is really meant to do is show some of the sounds that i'm working with. like I said before, if anyone has any MIDIs or synth hooks or even lyrics, send them my way and i'll start working.

Posted: Dec 19th, '06, 08:24
by Toni
Nice to see the enthusiasm here! Recently I didn't get inspiration due to some trouble with my financial situation, but it's all over. (for now)

Anyway, I like the synth sounds you're using, but not the chord-scheme. Let's make a song where we keep things simple. For example a chord-scheme I almost always use:

Intro(synth part)/Amelo/Sabi:
(B mol - C - D, B mol - C)

(B mol - C, B mol - C)

Of course, the most creative part will be the Intro(synth part) and the Bmelo. Why the Bmelo you ask? It's a connection between the Amelo and the Sabi, so you can almost do anything with it, provided it makes the latter two connect.

Posted: Jan 9th, '07, 21:20
by Toni
Sorry I didn't let hear anything of myself since I was really busy with exams and the holidays. :? Just to let you guys know that this topic hasn't died!

Anyway, I now have a little more spare time and I got to practice a lot on my old PSR at my parents'. Soon I hope to put up some sample of some kind. This will probably be a rough version of the song I have in mind.