best/cheesiest lyric?

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best/cheesiest lyric?

Post by Kangaroo » Sep 28th, '18, 14:33

Post your funniest/most interesting/strangest lyrics from Eurobeat songs. The ones that make you smile.

I'm partial to "jurrasic lizard superstar hero" (Ika / Go Godzilla Go) and "The music magic wizard of our soul" (Ace / Crazy On Emotion)

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Re: best/cheesiest lyric?

Post by Rain197 » Sep 28th, '18, 15:29

Cindy - Sex On The Beach
It's explicit, and this is rare in Eurobeat

"I look someone to satisfy
Why don't you touch my paradise
You goad me on beach beach, man, you like it

My legs are moving all around
I wanna shout...

Laying down, excite the night
Take off my bikini
Open op it, don't shy
Lick my part on fire
Glow my thinking, how you do?
Tell me, tell me that you need me!

Oh, baby, come on - come on - come
Gimme sex on the beach
Come on - come on - come, babe you tell me
"Gimme sex on the beach"
And lead me into your heaven
Gimme sex on the beach
Come on - come on 'n' try me, baby
and tonight, everybody's waiting for me. OK

Don't waste your time, man, have you done?
Ripp off my clothes and lay me down
Here on the beach with me, it's easy

My legs are moving all around
I wanna shout..."

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Re: best/cheesiest lyric?

Post by Lebon14 » Sep 29th, '18, 00:30

I never really give a crap about lyrics about eurobeat unless it's something really interesting. Sometimes though, in the last legs of SEB, there was these lyrics from the great Manuel's mind.

Hysteria / Manuel (excerp)

Hysteria is your disease
Hysteria you got to believe
Hysteria it can kill
Hysteria I'm your medecine
And if you wanna be happy
Remember to use "your friend" the big vegetable

But if you really wanna be really happy
Fix your problems and don't stress me
Hysteria you're so naive
Hysteria I'm not here to deceive

Underlined part is the part that matters. It's just WTF.

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Re: best/cheesiest lyric?

Post by xiao » Sep 29th, '18, 01:06

Lebon14 wrote:
Sep 29th, '18, 00:30
And if you wanna be happy
Remember to use "your friend" the big vegetable

Underlined part is the part that matters. It's just WTF.
:D 🍆

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Re: best/cheesiest lyric?

Post by alpines » Sep 29th, '18, 09:41

xiao wrote:
Sep 29th, '18, 01:06
:D 🍆
Lewd huh? :D

Come Back / Go Go Girls
How does it feel so deep inside,
then I grip the pillow tight,
on through the night oh oh oh~

There sure are many funny parts but the ones I like the most are the ones that transition flawlessly with the melody or chorus.
The part where it really starts to pick off because for me there can't be good lyrics without the support of an awesome riff and the whole package.

Kooky Spooky / Scream Team
The whole vocals are a funny but the part that makes me smile is this:

Bats and spiders in a trance,
flutter all around in a para para dance!

Black U.F.O / Lupin
for your life don't you feel you're in danger
Gotta hide away
they reachin' your souuuuul~

You gotta fight them,
Cause you could be the one!
Star to star with the black U.F.O
Gotta move on,
the time's going on
Help me baby, it's a black U.F.O!

Dancing On The Street / David Dima
I can't listen to this without pretending there's a whip in my hand, it just makes me smile so hard all the time:

We can fly together,
the night was made for loving youuuuuuuuuu~

Welcome to the Night,
Dancing on the Street
(sound like a whiplash making this part 200% better)
Come on baby light my fire,
I got the power, ready to fly
Love is all you need!

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Re: best/cheesiest lyric?

Post by Bonkers » Sep 29th, '18, 14:53

Lolita - Heart Attack
You'll be my scrambled eggs.....

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Re: best/cheesiest lyric?

Post by Kat » Sep 29th, '18, 19:21

Alice in ParaPara Land - Like a Lollipop
Make me feel so crazy like a lollipop

Baby Bazooka - Doki Doki Lullaby (Italian Extended)
Ninna nanna, ninna oh
Questo bimbo a chi lo do

Lisa Versach - High School Teacher
I wanna fashion high top model in the sky so cute
A babyqueen an everteen
Wake up in the morning with my book
I'll go to my school I'll go very fast
'Cos I've a lot study and I wanna be ready tonite
When the disco is open

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