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Re: Top 10 - Delta

Post by Rain197 » May 3rd, '17, 20:13

No particular order

Cat - I Will Fly (Euro Turbo Mix)
Morris - Crazy For Your Love
Jean Love - Steel Blade
Kevin Johnson - Tonight Tonight
Mari - I Love You From Soul
Cherry - Anyway, Anymore
Luke - The Champion
Ilenya - Love Explosion
Elvis - Music Over
Mad Max - Cowboy

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Re: Top 10 - Delta

Post by norinorinori » May 18th, '17, 06:25

No exact order, but my favorites trend towards the top in this list.

Za-Za - Juliet
Roswell - Alien Light
Mako - Dancer
Leslie Parrish - Save Me
Leslie Parrish - Remember Me
Max Coveri - I Don't Wanna Break Your Sweet Heart
Leslie Parrish - Killing My Love
Marko Polo - Stop Your Self Control
Delta Queens - Dance Around The World
Suzy Lazy - Big Time

Delta has so many great songs. How do you tell which ones SinclaireStyle has the rights to now?

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Re: Top 10 - Delta

Post by JeffreySoftbark » Jun 16th, '17, 04:36

Dang my second favorite behind Hi-Nrg Attack
1. Marko Polo - Money Go!
2. Suzy Lazy - Din Don Dan
3. Delta Queens - Dance Around The World
4. Max Coveri - Golden Age (the song that caused the imminent doom of my first laptop after a bad osu! game it's a long story T~T)
5. Leslie Parrish - Save Me
6. Madison - Love In New York City
7. Leslie Parrish - Killing My Love
8. Niko - Made Of Fire
9. J-Stark - Ring My Bells
10. Luke - Street FIghter
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