Looking for SEB 22x cover vector

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Looking for SEB 22x cover vector

Post by KiraTM » Jun 5th, '16, 07:21

Hey guys. You might know I re-create SEB album covers when they're only in low-res available (example: Best of 2014, though I only had a watermarked version).
The problem album this time is SEB 235. It's available online on iTunes and they do offer a hi-res version in 1200x1200px but it's just an impressively ugly upscale at JPEG compression level 100.

Well, while this style above was really easy to re-create (hardest part was to make the footer font look almost identical), it's way harder to do with the normal SEB 22x' style: those goddamn diagonal and abstract stripes. It is possible to re-create them, but with my skill it would took at least a whole day and I don't want to "waste" that much time - I still have other things to do, of course.
First I searched for the 235 model for about one hour and fu**ink finally found it. Then I tried to find the stripes through the vector search on several stock photo websites and Google Images (under "diagonal stripes" and "abstract stripes") but haven't found them yet.

That's why I'm asking you if you know other search terms that would fit to those stripes? Or if someone has the needed skills, you could also copy the stripes and export them as .psd/.png file.

I hope you can help me. :)

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