Jion's Eurobeat Rankings Top 30 of 2004 (June 22, 2004)

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Jion's Eurobeat Rankings Top 30 of 2004 (June 22, 2004)

Post by Jion » Jun 22nd, '04, 19:58

1. Shock Me by Manuel
2. Not For Sale by Go 2
3. Let's Go, Come On by Manuel
4. Run by Fastway
5. Mazinger Go! by Jimmy Bravo
6. Stormy Night by David Ropa
7. I Wanna Be The Night by Chris T.
8. Steel Blade by Jean Love
9. Blood And Fire by Powerful T.
10. I Wanna Take A Chance by Dusty
11. Ice Cream (U Scream) by Scream Team
12. Fightin' Over Freedom by Ace
13. Car Of Your Dreams by Dave & Nuage
14. Anynight Anyday by Lolita
15. 150 by Time All Stars
16. Ride In The Night by Rick Castle
17. Superbad by Niko
18. We'll See Heaven by Digital Planet
19. I'll Be Live by Baby Gold
20. Rasputin, Pasternak And Molotov by Mad Cow And The Bazookistaners
21. S.O.S. by Nick Key
22. Time Of Love by Time Force
23. Finally I See The Light by Karen
24. Wake Me Up by King & Queen
25. Me, Myself & I by Christine
26. Gettin' You Gettin' Me by J.Storm
27. Moon Child by Ace
28. Rock Me Tonight by Electric Rock Band
29. Night Flight To Tokyo by Matt Land
30. The Game Of My Name by Domino
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