Review of Parapara Cool 1 of Hi-nrg attack

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Review of Parapara Cool 1 of Hi-nrg attack

Post by euro up north » Dec 16th, '04, 19:34

Hello everybody!


Today i got my record. Wonderful. I only orderd parapara cool, but i will order more, a lot more, in a short future.
Here follows my review, actually my first, of a eurobeat record.
I use a ten point system.

1-2 A really ugly song. A song that i never would listen to again
3-4 Under avarage, a boring song, that has nothing.
5-6 Avarage song, that i could listen to, if i am doing things, but if i found the remotcontrol i would change.
7-8 Above avarage. A nice song, that could listen to in certain periods and choose for partys.
9-10 Songs that never dies. Songs that you will remember and could count in sleep.

Parapara Cool 1:

1. Baby Gold: Bailando 6/10

Typical Baby Gold sound, but a little slower touch. Avarage vers, and no real edge in the refrain. An avarage song, you won´t remeber after you listen to it. The sound is nice, but is not enough. An ordinary song that misses the extra push.

2. Nikita Jr: Din don din dan 6/10

Anther song that just passes by. Nice sound and you feel the hi-nrg attack soul and spirit, but exactly like the Baby gold song, it misses an edge. It is catchy, but you will forget the song real fast and the refrain doesn´t get stuck.

3. Ciao ciao: Motel California 6/10

You get what you want, but no surprises. The same feeling as from the two first songs. You feel the soul of Hi-nrg attack, but the song doesn´t peak. Of the the three first song i like this best, but it is not above avarage.

4. Black Eva: Space Rider 7/10

Robust typical Black Eva sound. The verse is very related to here monsterhit "Turn the beat around". The difference is that this song is much weaker, especially the refrain. The refrain is very avarage and doesn´t really hit your heart. The riffs, that shows up temporarly through the song is really nice, i love them, but it is the only really good thing with this song. A song just above avarage, but not a song that would happend on my "the best of eurobeat-album"

5. Rick Castle: X:s in love 6/10

Rick Castle was a favorite male artist in the euromach-serie. The voice is still the same, but many things has been changed. The most obvious change, is the tempo, that is closer to slow early eurobeat, than ordinary eurobeat. Very cool of Hi-nrg attack choosing to mix the tempo, but the song is too weak. It is a pretty song with no extraordinary refrain and verse. The tempo makes it uniqe, but totally this is a very avarage song. A little disapointment for me.

6. Louise: Memories 7/10

Surprisingly it is like the Rick Castle song, with a very slow tempo, but this song is better, much better, than Castles. Louise almost never disapoint you, and delivers again. But once again, nothing that makes you wanna have big party. Not that "jump and joy" feeling. The verse is really nice, but once again, the refrain is weak. And a song with only a strong verse, cannot hold up a whole song. Totally it is a song a pinhole above avarage.

7. P.Stone: Spirit of fire 6/10

Faster tempo again. The verse i fast uptempo and is very energic, almost like "go nakata" with joe banana. The refrain is also energic and complets the "nakata"-feeling. But the refrain is boring and very simple. Nice energic riffs a´la attack, but it is not a top song. Close to seven, but i feel the song miss something.

8. Gino Mandolino: Valentino macho latino 5/10

Have heard it before on euromach. Not one of my favorties in first place, not even in second either, by the way. A song that is a little bit diffrent in a way, with eurobeat together with a "latino" touch. But the song is still a target of an absolut avarage. Three or five minutes doesn´t matter. This albums weakest song.

9. Harry Ken: No, I don´t wanna wait 7/10

Old euromachsong too. Harry is above avarage, both of the eurobeatworld, but also on this record. His song has a few extra moments, without being a "best of" song. Just above avarage, and a nice song to have in extended version.

10. Ely Kotero: Sexy love banan 10/10

Now, we talking. What can I say. Ely Kotero is the top of the art. This song is a golden euromach and worth the money alone. If you loved on euromach, you would die for the full-lenght song. The up-tempo and the pushing sound is wonderful all through the song.

11. Dee Dee Wonder: In the land of banan fishes 9/10

Dee Dee Wonder is another given succes. This song is also way above avarage. Closer to ten than eight. Nice sound and a soft happy refrain. A song that makes on in a good mood. You are happy a long time after the song.

12. Jee Bee: Every time you touch me there 8/10

Jee Bee hit the top 10 ever, with the monstersong "Summertime". But her other songs hasn´t impressed me much - until now. Robust, typical hi-nrg attack sound. A happy song, with many moments, a nice intro, nice solo, and cool riffs. A number-two song for Jee Bee, and way above avarage.

13. Mara Nell: Rain man 10/10

I have "died" many times of eurobeatsongs. This is one of the songs that made love eurobeat, like i do today. Mara Nell is the singer that i rank as the number one of Hi-nrg attack. No one has a higher hit-potential.
This song i s one of the reasons. This song in full-length is togeter with Ely Kotero, the best of the album, and the songs alone are worth the money i spent on this record.

Final result: 8/10

A nice production, and Hi-nrg attack proves that they are the nr 1 of eurobeat.
The first halv was a little disapointment, but the other half.....
That gave the record it´s identity and was the answer for all my wishes.
It will be a long and hard waiting for parapara cool 2. More classics - thanks. Espercially old euromachsongs.
I will order more - soon again.
Thank´s Hi-nrg attack. This record is a prove that eurobeat makes life worth living.

Extra (just comments):

14. Baby gold: Bailando (copacabana script)

A very slow version of the first song on the album. The song is very diffrent and could propably not going under the genre eurobeat. The sound is more like a slow "samba" in some way. Definitly something i could have been without. Nothing i think i will listen two again.

15: Ciao ciao: Motel California

A short verison of Motel California, with a lighter sound. A nice extrasong, but nothing special. It sounds like an acapella with drums in the background. Same drums as in the extended version.

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