SEB 153 >>> 6 X SCP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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SEB 153 >>> 6 X SCP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by Ronald » Dec 7th, '04, 22:12

:D Yes, yes I just received an e-mail straight out of the SCP studio where it was confirmed :

"thank you for your kind words but ... the tracks are 6 (Irene) ! Hope that
won't do any serious harm to SEB .. Seriously, I've read that it looks like
the EMach people are takin' over this time. I expect only this time. Let's
wait and see"

I have to say, hearing some material on SEB 152 with a lower BPM and now this ..........if this is gonna be the new way of bringin out SEB volumes in the upcoming year 2005 it's fantastic !!!!!! The only thing I only wish is that AVEX is going back to the extended works.

I can't wait to hear the SCP music !!!!!!!
Sometimes you can be so happy ..............

Ronald at work.

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