Saifam (Asia) @ Juno Download!

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Re: Saifam (Asia) @ Juno Download!

Post by Crockett » Oct 3rd, '17, 14:49

magiblot wrote:
Aug 16th, '17, 10:24
I think it would be worth messaging The Factory Team about this issue.
magiblot wrote:
Aug 16th, '17, 14:07
Their contact e-mail
Friendly suggestion.

Please revise - SAIFAM is a big musical company with dozens of small labels, SAIFAM is not one Eurobeat label, record company and nothing similar.

General e-mail is operated by ordinary worker who can provide general informations about the musical offer or can try to deliver your question to somebody else indeed.

I know because I contacted them.

Surely the owner of this huge company, Mauro Farina either a Boom Boom Beat composer isn't available directly under customers e-mail.

The most unlikely that any of them is responsible for mastering hundreds of songs put on Juno by whole SAIFAM.

Please start from this place to contact "The Factory Team". ;)

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Re: Saifam (Asia) @ Juno Download!

Post by magiblot » Oct 5th, '17, 20:24

Thanks, Crockett. I haven't written to them yet, but I'm certain I'll do some day.

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Re: Saifam (Asia) @ Juno Download!

Post by Vulpini » Jul 2nd, '18, 11:58

So I was searching website unleashthebeats it came up with a new eurobeat remix(?) Of Misa's Korede OK! (The Factory Team Version). As there is an original version listed as well.

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