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Posted: Jan 5th, '05, 19:15
by Bore
Was Clara the vocalists in Antonella's Supersonic Level as it sounds like her? Or is it Elena? Or did she ever sing on Discomagic?

Posted: Jan 7th, '05, 12:06
by Pol NRG
Hi Bore,

Clara was sung a lot of Discomagic records and specially from the sub-label (Radiorama Records) In Antonella - "El Diablo" is Clara 100%:

Listen to it:

in Supersonic level in not sure 100% but in the beginning of the song 1:30min. I detected a little bit the timbre of the magic voice of Clara when she says wow... wow.. wow... :wink:

All the best!
Pol :wink:

Posted: Mar 15th, '05, 05:00
by gs68
These are my top favorites, in no particular order.

Cherry - Euroheat
Leslie Parrish - Killing My Love
Leslie Parrish - Mon Amour
Leslie Parrish - My Baby's Gonna Break My Heart
Za-Za - Down Down
Za-Za - Love and Money

Posted: Mar 21st, '05, 19:19
by sobakasu
Lonely Night
Hello Goodbye
Sugar Sugar Honey
You Got Me Spellbound
Remember Me
On My Own
Make A Move (or w/e it's called)

I forget the aliases though. Because basically every female song on Delta is Clara anyways haha.

Posted: Mar 22nd, '05, 01:15
by taQ
sugar sugar honey is Linda Ross but waay after clara left TIME... On My Own isnt clara and I don't think Make a Move is either...(was clara ever Candy Taylor?)

Posted: Mar 22nd, '05, 07:56
by Mikaeru
I've always liked Eurobeat Girls - People Come On!

Her voice sounds almost like one of the synths.

Posted: Mar 23rd, '05, 06:12
by Jion
I really like Cherry's song Euroheat. It's a great great song by Clara!

Posted: Aug 11th, '05, 10:49
by oresama-chan
Well, it's really hard to decide...but anyway some of my favorites are;

Another Day / Maggie May
Change / Marie Bell
Doctor Doctor / Lisa Johnson
Fooling With Your Heart / Lisa Johnson
Bad Girl / Linda Ross
Victim / Leslie Parrish
Dedicated To You / Leslie Parrish
In The Name Of Love / Finzy Contini
Passion / Marianne
Everytime You Want / Trisha
Shotgun Killer / Love & Pride

I especially like those tracs composed by Roberto Gabrielli.

Posted: Aug 11th, '05, 20:02
by Sadie
I hadn't even noticed this thread before >.>

High Frequency - Wonder Why (I'm pretty sure it's Clara Moroni)
Leslie Parrish - Remember Me
Kevin Johnson & Cherry - Crazy Game Of Love

....those are the three songs by her I really like.

Posted: Sep 17th, '05, 19:14
by para_rigby
Hmm...good question on the best of Clara

1. When I Close My Eyes
2. Yesterday
3. Remember Me
4. My Body Sweat
5. She's Alright
6. Emotional Fire
7. Spin My Heart


Posted: Dec 8th, '05, 08:45
My current favourite is ;


It tastes bitter. Though I still wonder who the duet partner is...

Posted: Dec 9th, '05, 10:54
by drnrg
8)One of my favorites is You Don't Give Me Love- sung under Vanessa title ,but even Clara's picture is on the 12' cover sleeve.
here is the rest
Guilty- Denise
Doctor Doctor- Lisa Johnson
Change- Maribell
Action- Gypsy & Queen(She's one Half of group,right)
Run Run- Linda Ross
Mon Amour- Leslie Parrish
Hey Hey- Vanessa
Eternity-Vanessa(Is It Her?)
Loving Honey- Linda Ross
Secret Lover- Anika
Love In Stereo- High Frequency
Let Me Be Your Baby- Vicky Vale
Choo Choo- Angie Davis

Posted: Dec 9th, '05, 11:06
by newfield
my favorite is VICTIM coz real story..

Posted: Dec 9th, '05, 11:19
by oresama-chan
drnrg wrote: Time-Vanessa
Eternity-Vanessa(Is It Her?)
Nah, Time - Vanessa isn't Clara, but Emanuela Gubinelli, while Time - Jenny Kee from SAIFAM is Clara.

Sure, Eternity is definitely her.

Posted: Dec 9th, '05, 13:30
by newfield

someone need an ear specialist?