Door #6

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Door #6

Post by Bore » Dec 6th, '10, 07:41

The gaps are being filled, sloooowly but steadily. Eventually I'll be again on top of the releases I hope.

So this time the lyrics for 193 and 194 have been added to the database. As said previously as well, don't mind the dual entries in the database. I wish I could figure out this by myself, but yet again mysql is not my strong suit.

Oh and thanks for the help I received with the missing 194 Lebon~

Oh#2, the misheard lyric thing that has been sort of... *cough* abandoned for a while is getting the sent in tracks approved. The system is still a bit clogged with lyrics submitted in 2008... *cough*... that haven't been approved due to the form being broken.

Oh#3 the submitting of lyrics finally also started working as it was meant to... the mails delivered in the ... *cough* past few years haven't actually been lost, I just gotta prune through these. There's quite a load of work to be done.
A big chunk of the mails have already been gone through. Someone pointed out some entertaining mistakes in the current database that made me giggle as well. With 3600+ lyrics, I'm not too surprised that there are flaws and mistakes in there.

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