Super Eurobeat 170 Super Anniversary Non-Stop Mix 2006

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Super Eurobeat 170 Super Anniversary Non-Stop Mix 2006

Post by Bore » Jul 22nd, '06, 11:36

The tracklisting for the next big bang SEB170 is out. Tracklisting looks nicely variable, yet boringly repetitive. On an another note, Night Of Fire won first place again... And a whopping 7 Lolita songs on this compilation /cheer.

Disc 1

1.Ken Martin - Bad World
2.DJ Luke Penn Feat. Mr. M - Music Fever
3.Dusty - Stay The Night
4.Maio & Co. - Dark In The Night
5.Lou Grant - Don't Stop The Music
6.Lolita - Carillon
7.Dave Rodgers - Beat Of The Rising Sun
8.Drama - Love For Sale
9.Princess F. - Shadows In The Night
10.Dave Simon - I Need Your Love
11.Dee Dee - Hey Hey Baby Cry
12.Lisa Johnson - Fooling With Your Heart
13.Lolita - Goin' On
14.Jilly - Ding A Ling
15.Ken Martin - Virtual Love
16.D-Essex - Burning Love
17.Sophie - Tell Me Why
18.Joe Banana - Dum Dum Pistol
19.Go Go Girls - One Night In Arabia
20.Cherry - When I Close My Eyes
21.Fastway - Number One
22.Go Go Girls - My Sweet Banana
23.DJ NRG - Kamikaze
24.Dolly Pop - Take My Gum
25.Dave Rodgers - Nothing Changed
26.Karen - Hurricane
27.Larabelle - Love As A Weapon
28.Les Blue Belles - Telephone
29.Dr. Love - Eurobeat
30.Dave Rodgers - Kingdom Of Rock
31.Victoria - Stay
32.Leslie Parrish - Save Me
33.Wain L - Make Up Your Mind
34.D.Essex - Boom Boom Fire
35.Suzy Lazy - Love Generation
36.Kiki & Kika - Jam Jam Jam
37.Marko Polo - Baby Queen Seventeen
38.Virginelle - Hot Love & Emotion
39.Alexis - Sugar Baby
40.Lou Grant - Maharaja Night
41.Virginelle - Like A Virgin
42.Edo - Too Young To Fall In Love
43.Marko Polo - Money Go!
44.King & Queen - King And Queen
45.Virginelle - Fantasy
46.Lolita - Try Me
47.Mega NRG Man - Seventies
48.Cherry - Yesterday
49.Dave Rodgers - Space Boy
50.Niko - Night Of Fire

Disc 2

1.Christine - Yeah!
2.Franz "V.I.P." Tornado & Bazooka "T.C.V." Girl - Super Euro Flash
3.Boogaboo - Buga Buga Chew Chew
4.Lolita - Dreamin' Of You
5.Phil - Only For You Only For Your Love
6.Kevin Johnson - Don't Say Goodbye
7.Helena - Lonely Night 2006
8.Regina - Let The People Say
9.Asya - A Love At First Sight
10.Pamsy - Livin' In The Night
11.Leslie Parrish - Victim
12.Go Go Girls - I Wanna Be Fat
13.Franz "Mad Cow" Tornado & The Yamanba-Gals - Ganguro
14.Katchy Core - Crazy For Your Love
15.Christine - Me, Myself & I
16.Garcon - Pistol Man
17.Niko - Speedway
18.J. Storm - Vision Of Paradise
19.Matt Land - Pamela
20.Manuel - Big Boy
21.Nuage - Don't Wanna Lose You Baby
22.Lolita - Kiss 2 Kiss
23.Lolita - Macho Man
24.Jungle Bill - Shake Me Up
25.Fastway - 777
26.Alvin - Domino
27.Overload - Terminator
28.Neo - Go Go Money
29.Manuel - No Control
30.Tri-Star - Ike Ike
31.Mad Max - Tsunami Comes
32.Kevin & Cherry - Chemical Love
33.Christine - Rain
34.Powerful T. - Over The Rainbow
35.Marko Polo - Stop Your Self Control
36.Go 2 - Not For Sale
37.Lupin - Black U.F.O.
38.Symbol - Forever Young
39.Fastway - Shock Out
40.Stephy Martini - Emotions
41.Bazooka Girl - Velfarre 2000
42.Go 2 - Looka Bomba
43.O-Zone - Dragostea Din Tei (Eurobeat Mix)
44.Mega NRG Man - Express Love
45.Madison - Without You
46.Dave Rodgers - Eldorado
47.Lolita - Loving Tonight
48.Nuage - Sunday
49.Mark Foster - Like A Fire
50.Go 2 - Super Striker

Disc 3 - DVD

Master of ParaPara

1.Madison - You Can Light My Fire
2.Mega NRG Man - Express Love
3.Dave & Nuage - Don't Make Me Cry
4.Asya - A Love At First Sight
5.The Factory Team - Gun Boy
6.Garcon - Super Kaiser
7.Overload - Terminator
8.Ace - Power Of Sound
9.Kiki & Fancy - Roly Poly Rock
10.Neo - I Was Born For Burning
11.Kevin & Cherry - Chemical Love

Super Eurobeat Presents ParaPara Special Medley Volume 1

1.Maio & Co. - Dark In The Night
2.DJ Nrg - Kamikaze
3.Lolita - Try Me
4.Domino - Tora Tora Tora
5.Mega NRG Man - Seventies

A-Beat C Special Stage 2006 @ Osaka Automesse

1.Nuage - Baby Get My Fire Tonite
2.Digital Planet - Fly Away
3.Dave Rodgers - Deja Vu
4.Dave Rodgers - Eldorado
5.Dave Rodgers - Space Boy
6.Dave Rodgers - Above The Light
7.Dave Rodgers - Let's Go To The Show K2 The Automesse
8.Dave & Nuage - Car Of Your Dreams

Super Eurobeat Artist & Producers' Short Messages

1.Dave Rodgers (A-Beat C)
2.Domino (A-Beat C)
3.Cherry (Delta)
4.Laurent Newfield (Delta)
5.Niko (Delta)
6.Christine (SCP)
7.Nick Mansell (SCP)
8.Pamsy (SCP)
9.Go 2 (SCP)
10. Baby Bazooka (HI-NRG Attack)
11.Claudio Accatino (HI-NRG Attack)
12.Franz Tornado (HI-NRG Attack)
13.Mark Farina & The Factory Team (Boom Boom Beat)
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Bad Bad Bad
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Post by WEKS » Jul 22nd, '06, 14:24

Hm... I just get the "been there done that" feel from it... :?

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Post by sobakasu » Jul 23rd, '06, 02:25

...I totally spammed Chritine's Yeah! and Rain in the voting poll so many times.

And Dum Dum Pistol. Sadly You Can Light My Fire didn't make it on disc one :(.

Hi Panu XD.

Eurobeat Boom
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Post by Paraclete » Jul 27th, '06, 11:00

DVD so cool!!
I GONNA CARRY ON.......!! :D
SEB 200

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