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No more track details in db?

Posted: Oct 3rd, '07, 21:02
by FaXMactor
I noticed that since SEB 174, track details (length, vocalist, writers, producers, labels) are missing. Are you planning to fill them up, or will they be no more updated? I miss them...

And I miss information on older stuff as well. Contributed database information also seems to be a bit slowly updated.

I can imagine that needs a lot of work... That's why I'd like to ask whether you need help on maintaining the database: may I be of help in any way?

(I myself also have some data on older albums (typed lyrics, scanned covers) that are not in the db, or in bad quality. I'd submit them, but, how to say it, slow updates makes it feet that they aren't really wanted - that's why I ask this question)

Posted: Oct 4th, '07, 07:12
by Bore
Yeah the database entries are being updated but it has been so slow mostly due to a slack updater (*cough cough*). I do still intend to get them updated, it just takes quite a lot of time to do every album with extended information.

I promise that they will be here sometime, it'll just be on a bit of a delay sadly.

Help itself would be appreciated, the thing that just currently needs a bit of work is the updating tool itself. Once it works better I'd be more than happy with some update on that front. I can get back to you once I've spoken a bit with the mastermind behind the code ;D

Posted: Oct 4th, '07, 21:31
by FaXMactor
I'm glad ^_^

Posted: Oct 25th, '07, 06:24
by Bore
As promised, album track details updated up till 181, still trying my best to cover the other series as well as I can.

Posted: Sep 20th, '16, 17:39
by Crockett
Someone forgot or still isn't aware, that Norma Sheffield isn't Francesca Contini?

Except that, nice work, I just checked out the latest SEB releases, all filled in database with full credits.

Posted: Sep 20th, '16, 17:41
by Bore
I've been waiting for the update on the database so I can bulk edit entries. Otherwise going through every single Francesca title one by one is a bit tedious. And it'll be logical to just simply search for "Francesca Contini" and replace all of them at once. Eventually...