Burning non-stop mix cds

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Burning non-stop mix cds

Post by Mirò » May 17th, '07, 15:18

Hi everyone,
I could I burn a non-stop mix cd WITHOUT ANY MINIMUM SILENCE MICROSECONDS with my Nero Burning ROM 7 Ultra Edition?

Hope that someone knows it,
thanx in advance

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Post by MaxXRage » Jun 4th, '07, 20:50

I think you can use Vegas 6.0, export the songs to audio timeline and them make sure that the non-stop will be burned without the silence. them you can use CD Track marks that Vegas have and burn the cd... Any help with vegas add me on msn. :D

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Post by DarkSky » Dec 17th, '07, 20:26

You could simply edit the songs with Audacity, it's freeware :)

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Post by pokecapn » Dec 18th, '07, 01:54

foobar2000's disk burning plugin ties directly to nero, so assuming the cd you are burning was ripped correctly, it'll do the job.

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