Need: Super ItaG Beat Anime Mach / AsoBitCity Anime Hit Best

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Need: Super ItaG Beat Anime Mach / AsoBitCity Anime Hit Best

Post by DJ Timotei » Feb 21st, '16, 04:50

Hey everyone! I'm not sure if anyone of you here are into anisong (or anime music) Eurobeat remixes, but I'm just gonna try anyway!

I'm looking for something that is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE for a non Japanese person to be able to posses, but just in case any of you happen to have:
- Super 痛G Beat アニメマッハ
- AsoBitCity presents アニメヒットベスト
I'm so desperately looking for these 2 CDs because they have the rare track of future gazer / @yaka which happens to be a Beat Charger remix. That's the best thing ever. All the other albums that have this track are all cut-short version of it, and tho it is the right track I'm looking for the full version. If any of you happen to have these could I request for you to upload them online prettyyyy pleaaassseeee ? *puppy eyes* If you're afraid of copyright you could send me the song files through email.

Or, if any of you happen to be a Japanese and is willing to help me out, 秋葉工房 (Akiba Koubou) is selling Super痛G Beat アニメマッハ up on their online store. But I believe only Japanese are able to purchase it, so if you could help me out and mail it to me in Singapore (I'd give you my address through PM) please do help me out I really really desperate.... Thank you!!!!! :) In return if you'd like I can send you a personal 2-Hour megamix I created featuring 50 DJ Command songs. Hope you guys can really help me here.... Thanks!
My name is Timothy~ I love making Eurobeat edits as well as megamixes! ^^

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