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Posted: Sep 5th, '05, 17:30
by Cosmic_Bard
Well, the male poll was close in a few ways, but here, it's the Go Go Girls, hands-down. Easily.

You can't deny the plethora of hits they've put out. It's hard to score a miss with them (recent releases aside...).

Posted: Oct 3rd, '06, 04:28
by lightsol
Out of these choices, Domino. Because you split up Elena's aliases. Also you forgot Clara Moroni! C'mon you can't forget Cherry and all her friends. Eurobeat would not be the same without Clara.

Posted: May 14th, '07, 08:23
by GanGanGyaruO
Go Go Girls have easily released the largest number of songs I like compared to any eurobeat artist.

Posted: May 15th, '07, 12:14
by Momo

Love her musics!

Loving tonight, Romeo & Juliet, think of you (*sing: "Uuuhh"*), Dreaming of you, easy, going on and etc... :grin:

Posted: Jul 19th, '07, 19:22
by drnrg
What the hell, like Litesole said where is Clara? Where are Elena Ferretti and Manuela? Somebody is guity of being bias. This looks more like at whoreing ABeatC :evil:

Posted: Oct 26th, '07, 09:53
by DarkSky
Of course for Nuage


Posted: Oct 26th, '07, 15:18
by Cosmic_Bard
Yes, that is what she looks like.

Posted: Oct 26th, '07, 19:05
by Nine
Cosmic_Bard wrote:Yes, that is what she looks like.
You're always so full of positivity aren't you? :grin:

Posted: Oct 26th, '07, 22:50
by SuperEuroJimmy
Kiki & Kika! <3

Posted: Apr 7th, '08, 22:52
by Johnmusic88
Lolita....for sure

Posted: Dec 6th, '08, 18:50
by kakusei4000
Nine wrote:YAY! DOMINO! no matter what the outcome of this poll is, she will allways be the queen of eurobeat :D
Same here

Posted: Jan 18th, '10, 07:48
by EfiniLizard
Lolita is such a great artist :grin:
Her songs are addicting :!:

Re: Best Female Artist

Posted: Jul 22nd, '17, 19:24
by Kat
Go Go Girls