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Posted: Oct 21st, '08, 05:18
by trainerkelly

Gender confusion is why. 8D (Aren't teenage years great? [/sarcasm]

BTW, I like your Mudkip avatar. =D

Posted: Oct 21st, '08, 07:18
by SuperEuroJimmy
Uh, okay!

I like my mudkips avatar too! =D

And I'm going to change it. Right now.

Posted: Oct 21st, '08, 13:40
by Humbedooh
I propose a chibi mudkip for your next avatar!

Posted: Dec 15th, '08, 13:43
by Capitaine
Name: Sylvain
Alias: Capitaine
Location: Paris - France
Age: 35
Gender: Male

I am a serious singles collectors. I don't like compilations or mp3s.
I've been collecting mostly eurodance since last decade
but I started to buy some eurobeat vinyls last year.
I love some italodisco too !

Posted: Feb 25th, '09, 05:40
by zyx
Name: ZYX
Location: Nevada
Age: 20

I've been listening to eurobeat since 2001.
Recently I'm enjoyng the sound of DISCO 90s and HI-NRG.
I also enjoy listening to hyper techno / julitech.

Posted: Apr 29th, '09, 04:55
by ba~tan
Name: Laura.
Alias: Ba~tan/Ba-chan (from my old nick Vampy)
Location: currently East Bay, CA but from Oklahoma
Age: almost 20!
Gender: sheeeeemale. oh wait, female. that's right... feeeemale

I've been listening to eurobeat since 2003/4, initially from Initial D (PUNNY)
and then got into parapara shortly afterward, which is what fuels my love for eurobeat.
I'm a student and I'm uber critical of my music, but I love it nonetheless.


Posted: Dec 31st, '09, 02:49
by Dias
Name: Ren
Alias: Dias
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Age: 17
Gender: Male


Posted: Jan 19th, '10, 06:39
by Megan188
I don't think most of you guys know me, so I'll tell you a bit about myself.

Name: Megan White
Age: 17
Gender: Female

I've been totally into eurobeat for a few years, and I still listen to it nonstop. I also like The Offspring and some 80's music. Some of my lifelong goals are to become a successful musical composer and maybe even a vocalist for a major eurobeat label.

I'm pretty shy, so I don't know a whole lot of people, but I'm pretty excited to visit this website, and I hope you guys will make me feel welcome.

Posted: May 5th, '10, 03:54
by Febru
Helllooo ~
I think some of the members here might recognize my name, but for the ones that don't;

Name: Renate
Location: The Netherlands

and also, MKwiakaku is my hobo.

Posted: May 5th, '10, 04:01
by Mikaeru
May I call you Miss Mudkips, then? :P

Posted: May 5th, '10, 04:28
by Febru
... no.

Posted: May 5th, '10, 14:31
by Densetsu13
omg Feb you are totally Miss Mudkips! Why did this never occur to me before?! 8D

Posted: May 5th, '10, 15:20
by nullsoon
dear Feb, you got Pwñ3d

Posted: Nov 5th, '10, 19:12
by dj1ofakind2k10
Hello to everybody here on the Eurobeat-Prime forums :) !

I just wanted to take a quick moment to introduce myself and say thank you for letting me join your boards. I have been a fan of Eurobeat since 2003, my first introduction to the Genre was from an Initial D Arcade Stage Ver. 2 machine and ever since then I have enjoyed it ever since. I'm a big fan of all labels and artists and just enjoy Eurobeat in general. In my spare time I make fan made Eurobeat remixes (not much to really write home about, just a fun hobby :D ) . Either way, that's about it for me! So thank you for letting me join and I hope to contribute as much as possible.

Alias: dj1ofakind2k10
Name: Kyle
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Location: Jacksonville, NC, U.S.A.

Posted: Nov 5th, '10, 19:26
by DarkSky
Kyle, I like your DJ work.