The countries where we come from

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Re: The countries where we come from

Post by Kat » Nov 30th, '17, 00:25

Bonkers wrote:
Nov 26th, '17, 04:58
I'm from Chattanooga, Tennessee (USA)
Well, we're Southern here, so you can expect to hear "y'all" a lot. Right now, it's down in the 40's Fahrenheit. It should be a bit colder with it being nearly December. We are also referred to as "Gig City" because we boast having the fastest internet around...if you can afford it. For a Southern area, it's pretty open minded, so that works for me. There are a lot of different Christian faiths here, as well as Muslim and others embedded throughout the area. We don't have a rave scene though, which makes me pretty sad.
Nice.I live in a very small town and I'm from catholic country so...
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