How did you get into Eurobeat?

There's a wide world also outside of Eurobeat, this is where you discuss it.
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Re: How did you get into Eurobeat?

Post by Bore » Oct 19th, '17, 13:44

Eurobeat - Bringing people happiness since the 1980s.

If you are a fan of the older eurobeats I got a bunch of old extras laying about. Been meaning to get around to selling them but laziness always gets the better of me.

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Re: How did you get into Eurobeat?

Post by JeffreySoftbark » Nov 13th, '17, 16:56

I seriously can't believe it's been nearly 3 years since I started listening to eurobeat :o
Since January of 2015 yessiree :grin:
totally exciting as a music genre has never held my attention for so long :)

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Re: How did you get into Eurobeat?

Post by johnjohnjohnnycake » Nov 18th, '17, 03:15

Being a huge fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, I was surfing the internet years ago and found a fan game called "Sonic Dimensions" with a trailer that used the song "Rider of the Sky" by Ace, and the song resonated with me, but I could never find it or look up the song for some weird reason. I left it alone for a few years, while searching for more songs like it.

Somewhere around that time I also listened to a song called "Shota Shota Burning Night" by Kagamine Len. It's Eurobeat, but.....well.... still left it alone.

Then, early 2017 ( I got into this fairly recently) I was watching a bunch of vines on YouTube and just happened to come across typical vine depicting a drifting object and the song "Running in the 90's" by Max Coveri playing in the background, and I got hooked right there. I searched up Initial D ( though not being a fan of anime [ sorry!]) and other songs like that, and I ended up falling into a Eurobeat binge. I did all the research I can about the singers, alises, the record labels etc, I even watched the first episode of Initial D. ( Also my last episode)

It didn't take long for me to discover the old Italo Disco music and everything in between it and modern Eurobeat ( through the song "One More Time" by Max Coveri) and from then on, I've been a fan of Eurobeat.

I'm not a HUGE fan of Eurobeat since I've only been part of the family for almost a year, but I definitely know I will not only be sticking to SEB, as well as producing music inspired by Eurobeat music. I owe all my greatest gratitude to Sonic the Hedgehog and Vine.
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Re: How did you get into Eurobeat?

Post by tsu » Dec 15th, '17, 21:16

as i wrote in another thread (re)discovering eurobeat somewhere around June this year felt just like coming home for me however there was a fair dose of excitement as well. just like @johnjohnjohnnycake i've encountered eurobeat in the past but never researched the topic properly back then. i would say that my relationship with the music in general is rather 'complicated' and so in the past i've had periods of being completely obsessed with some artists or genres mixed with periods when i could not listen to a single song. in general most of the time most musical creations carried so much emotional load for me that usually i needed to give myself some time to 'recover'. before finding eurobeat around middle of this year i was in this weird state when i've had very little interest in music and only things i've listened to were relaxation sounds or podcasts. at that time my boyfriend showed me some initial d memes (among other various memes, not that he was particularly into initial d memes lol) and of course in most of them dave rodger's deja vu was used. i could not get this song of my head and one day i did something i rarely did before - i decided to listen to some music at work (i do an office nine-to-five job, basically staring at the computer all the time). i started with deja vu but on the same day i re-discovered some other classics i certainly listened to in the past. it felt like finding old diary and re-reading entries bringing in memories and joy. it felt so good!! as many eurobeat songs uploaded to yt have initial d related graphics or videos i decided to watch the anime which brought eurobeat to the broader audience. it was another weird thing for me to do as i rarely watch anime nowadays. and it clicked so much! i loved the series and loved the soundtracks. this time i researched topic and it all started coming together. i remembered my facination with eurodance when i was at my early teenage days... i remembered my gyaru culture fascination and that parapara used to be an important thing for me as well (i've limited myself to hinoi team at that time unfortunatelly)... and it all felt so good. i'm going through some difficult times recently and eurobeat's positive energy helps me a lot :)

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Re: How did you get into Eurobeat?

Post by otter87 » Jun 21st, '18, 23:38

I haven't posted in here?

I started playing DDR back in 2003. So I had heard some Eurobeat here and there, although I didn't know what specific genre it was at the time. Then I started playing Initial D V3 at the arcade and StepMania which exposed me to Eurobeat further. It was the old simfile artist Exige who finally told me what genre the music was. He introduced me to EBP, as well.

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