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Post by Bore » Jan 29th, '09, 11:23

From pingu and pinga to a more random comment:


This track has revived my hope in good ol' european dancepop. Totally brilliant, sadly there haven't been eurobeat songs lately that have made me as addicted as this.

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Post by DarkSky » Feb 11th, '09, 21:43

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Post by Cosmic_Bard » Feb 11th, '09, 23:47

DarkSky wrote:Uhhh, Maitre Music?
O-ho... SUH-NAP!
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Save Your Voice to Sing a Song - Brian Ice

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Post by trainerkelly » Feb 26th, '09, 13:52

Uuugh, stupid writer's block. You don't do anything for me and my writing. =_= I need to write that narrative essay...
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Post by Humbedooh » Feb 26th, '09, 18:45

Don't forget http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7RcqRmBlIQ for those who never saw that one~
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Post by Febru » May 15th, '10, 22:41

I'm going to rant about stupid stuff:

RAWR I can't go out tonight because I have to study tomorrrowwww.
Blergh, 3 exams this tuesday.

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