Introducing Myself =)

There's a wide world also outside of Eurobeat, this is where you discuss it.
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Introducing Myself =)

Post by Yusu » Jul 4th, '07, 01:27

Well, hello, i'm Yusu, or Richard whatever you want...

I'm from Chile, and well I visit Eurobeat-Prime a year ago a think xD
I'm 19 and I live in Santiago, Capital of Chile. I dance para para 2 years ago..i think.. and also listen eurobeat and techno music..

I like rock too and anime and movies.

well that's it...

ah and don't forget to visit =D =)


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Post by DanWaigand » Jul 18th, '07, 00:34

Welcome to the eurobeatPRIME forums, even if you've been here a while ;D

Nice site design
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