Funny facts about yourself

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Funny facts about yourself

Post by Kat » Apr 15th, '18, 22:26

Name : Kat
#1 I'm an AMV maker since 2007 and I've got music videos with Totally Spies and Mermaid Melody made in Windows Movie Maker about 1:00 minute of length
#2 I can speak polish , german and english languages.I've started studying swedish right now
#3 I'm disabled I was born with cerebral palsy and I walk very slowly and talk very fast :P
#4 I love anime 8)
#5 I love hamsters and Hamtaro
#6 I love video games
#7 I come from a small town in northwestern Poland
#8 I have one younger brother
#9 I'm bored as fuck
Wake up in the morning with my book
I'll go to my school I'll go very fast
'Cos I've a lot study and I wanna be ready tonite
When the disco is open

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