How did you get into Eurobeat?

There's a wide world also outside of Eurobeat, this is where you discuss it.
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Re: How did you get into Eurobeat?

Post by Bore » Oct 19th, '17, 13:44

Eurobeat - Bringing people happiness since the 1980s.

If you are a fan of the older eurobeats I got a bunch of old extras laying about. Been meaning to get around to selling them but laziness always gets the better of me.

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Re: How did you get into Eurobeat?

Post by JeffreySoftbark » Nov 13th, '17, 16:56

I seriously can't believe it's been nearly 3 years since I started listening to eurobeat :o
Since January of 2015 yessiree :grin:
totally exciting as a music genre has never held my attention for so long :)

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Re: How did you get into Eurobeat?

Post by johnjohnjohnnycake » Nov 18th, '17, 03:15

Being a huge fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, I was surfing the internet years ago and found a fan game called "Sonic Dimensions" with a trailer that used the song "Rider of the Sky" by Ace, and the song resonated with me, but I could never find it or look up the song for some weird reason. I left it alone for a few years, while searching for more songs like it.

Somewhere around that time I also listened to a song called "Shota Shota Burning Night" by Kagamine Len. It's Eurobeat, but.....well.... still left it alone.

Then, early 2017 ( I got into this fairly recently) I was watching a bunch of vines on YouTube and just happened to come across typical vine depicting a drifting object and the song "Running in the 90's" by Max Coveri playing in the background, and I got hooked right there. I searched up Initial D ( though not being a fan of anime [ sorry!]) and other songs like that, and I ended up falling into a Eurobeat binge. I did all the research I can about the singers, alises, the record labels etc, I even watched the first episode of Initial D. ( Also my last episode)

It didn't take long for me to discover the old Italo Disco music and everything in between it and modern Eurobeat ( through the song "One More Time" by Max Coveri) and from then on, I've been a fan of Eurobeat.

I'm not a HUGE fan of Eurobeat since I've only been part of the family for almost a year, but I definitely know I will not only be sticking to SEB, as well as producing music inspired by Eurobeat music. I owe all my greatest gratitude to Sonic the Hedgehog and Vine.
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