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by cigy41987
Mar 15th, '08, 03:24
Forum: ParaPara Dancing Eurobeat
Topic: Disco NRG 2007 Project
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Well, calling it a project doesn't mean it's of the same kind as Solo. This is just the usual refilming we've always done :P Maggie just moved and is now working full time, Fausia is working as an RA not to mention taking tons of Business and Japanese classes, and Erin is crazy busy with computer sc...
by cigy41987
Jan 27th, '08, 16:33
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: Night of Fire...why?
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Night of Fire is intertwined with eurobeat because: 1) It started a boom in para popularity cause it's a good song in 1997. 2) It was performed on SMAP x SMAP in 1999 and taught to kids, along with Mickey Mouse March 3) It was part of Korikki's shtick in 2005. Most people in Japan think para para ha...
by cigy41987
Nov 30th, '07, 11:17
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: Eurobeat: Dying or Growing?
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Well, I can tell you in the dance sections of HMV and Tsutaya, Avex releases are typically the 3 Staff Choices. However, I don't see much SEB itself being the choice of the week or whatever, moreso their other compilations. I haven't seen many release sales figures though. I think Farm's releases ar...
by cigy41987
Oct 30th, '07, 16:29
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: Go Cosplay
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I'm glad this song FINALLY got released in some form. I like it :) And I understood the Italian intro...yeah! Great job, Giorgia! Man, I hope Domino comes out with more good stuff soon...she's really making a lot of good stuff. I don't like much recent stuff, though Go Go's Stuff is always worth a s...
by cigy41987
Sep 16th, '07, 11:20
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: Super Eurobeat 181
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I was at Super Euro Night at Neo in Osaka last night and they taught Blood On Fire.

Not only is the dance hot, the song is really good :) 181 is gonna be hot, if only for this song.
by cigy41987
Nov 2nd, '06, 03:05
Forum: Eurobeat Market
Topic: WTB: SEB cds
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Views: 3444 has good shipping, and has good sales. overcharges on shipping.

Happy shopping :)
by cigy41987
Oct 26th, '06, 15:51
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: Super Eurobeat Vol. 172 & SEB Presents SEF Gold
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HMV shipped out their orders on Tuesday, so I should be expect SEF Gold and 172 today :)
by cigy41987
Oct 26th, '06, 15:48
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: Closure of Velfarre
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Personally, I'm kind of glad SEF might me moving, in a way. Wataru, you've been to Velfarre right? It's a very nice club, but the dancefloor and platforms... As for techpara, DRNRG, i think you should stop calling it crap and what have you before you try it. It hasn't lessened eurobeat's popularity ...
by cigy41987
Sep 30th, '06, 02:08
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: Who Is Better...Go Go Girls vs Kiki, Kika, & Fancy
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Go Go Girls haven't been so hot lately...but look back! There are some fucking INSANELY good songs from those ladies. Annerley, Elena, Allessandra, etc.
by cigy41987
Sep 5th, '06, 17:08
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: VIP Mega Euro Star Best
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It's fucking AWFUL, don't get too excited.
by cigy41987
Jul 24th, '06, 19:36
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: SEB 170 & Super GT 2006
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I like the tracklist for the most part, VERY happy that Without You made it, but some songs didn't some of my favorite para para songs (PRIDE!, Summertime, etc)
by cigy41987
Jul 16th, '06, 13:32
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: Your first eurobeat experience!
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Night Of Fire from DDR Disney Mix XD
by cigy41987
Jul 11th, '06, 02:02
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: PARA*SA tracklist
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Go Nakata is one of my favorite eurobeatgt songs ever :X I love how Americans were all of a sudden into the World Cup this year. Odd, but cool. I've always been into soccer somewhat, but never the type to sit and watch games. I did play for a while. Eurobeat makes good music for soccer, driving, any...
by cigy41987
Jul 3rd, '06, 02:10
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: 5 favorite Euromach tracks to full?
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1) Baby Love by The Wonder-Girls (One of my all time faves!)
2) Bang Bang Bang by Joe Banana
3) Ever Lasting Love by Karen
4) Baby Besame by Doki Doki
5) Fame by Ace Warrior

I couldve easily made a top 20, but I love those/dance those the most.
by cigy41987
Jul 2nd, '06, 01:34
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
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I love this album. Well, it hasn't shipped to me yet since Campus Summit isn't out yet, but I had my friend send it to me since I paid for it :) Anyway, the new Annerley Gordon song is great. They didn't pitch her voice much, which surprised me! Maharaja Night 2006 is a good re-work, though I miss t...