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by magiblot
Jun 21st, '17, 10:13
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: Super Eurobeat Vol. 243
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Re: Super Eurobeat Vol. 243

Previews from Ototoy! They include the chorus, the riff and the beginning of a verse (and in Sinclaire's tracks there's more time for it, since either the chorus or the riff are shorter). I think more than one are going to be suprised at Elly's song. SEB 243 is 3rd...
by magiblot
Apr 12th, '17, 14:27
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: Super Eurobeat 242
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Re: Super Eurobeat 242

My favourites from the preview are J-Stark's and Nuage's! Apart from these, I'm looking forward to enjoying the others in their full version Image.
by magiblot
Apr 8th, '17, 20:35
Forum: Technical Help
Topic: Deleted Messages (PM's)
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Re: Deleted Messages (PM's)

It probably works in the same way as other forums where I am registered: PM's can be edited before they are opened by the adressee. Thus, deleting them might have a permanent effect.
by magiblot
Mar 26th, '17, 21:14
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: Eurobeat covers of popular songs
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Re: Eurobeat covers of popular songs

More Christmas Eurobeat :D

Dave Rodgers - All I Need For Christmas Is You (A version of this song was popular in my country last year)!/imq3knrvww

(Includes Initial D AMV) XD
by magiblot
Mar 26th, '17, 18:04
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: Eurobeat remixed in other genres
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Re: Eurobeat remixed in other genres

What I like to find in remixes of Eurobeat songs is that they don't abuse using the original song in the background. I don't have a very good reason for this, but I was just impressed when I discovered almost nobody bothered to make Eurobeat remixes, meanwhile in other music areas (such as videogame...
by magiblot
Nov 8th, '16, 17:57
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: Top 5 EB songs that could be played on mainstream radio?
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I don't know what mainstream radios are like in your countries, so thinking of how they are in my place: 1. Speedmaster feat. Angelica - Heartbeat Song (Because it's better than the original version, and yet the original version was aired). 2. Pamsy - All Over Me 3. David Dima - With a Little Bit of...
by magiblot
Oct 21st, '16, 11:12
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: Super Eurobeat 241
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I agree with your point, Crockett, but my interpretation is that Avex is letting us to upload their songs to YouTube. I say this because many Eurobeat tracks are not even detected by Content ID, just some of them. When they are identified as Avex's content (or any other Eurobeat label's), they are u...
by magiblot
Oct 15th, '16, 16:21
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: Eurobeat Memes
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The other day I thought of editing this poster and putting the names of Eurobeat artists on it. However, I felt too lazy to do it, so I leave it here in case somebody with more creativity than me wants to do something cool out of it :P .